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You are welcome to visit the internet site of Indrė Butvilė Law Firm and as the founder of the Firm I am grateful for an opportunity to introduce to You the Firm and its legal service.

The Firm is operating in the seaport city of Klaipėda with its service available in the western part of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Firm offers legal advise and service mainly in business law area, which is a wide area for legal practice. It requires good knowledge of law and experience in business, both of which the Firm is able to offer to its clients.

The Clients of the Firm are local and foreign entrepreneurs, small and average size companies as well as family businesses. It is rewarding for an advocate to serve these Clients in their ordinary day-to-day activities and to see the way such service contributes to the development and growth of their businesses.

I hope and wish Your business to be succesful too and shall be glad to offer the service of the Firm in cases when a professional advise of a lawyer is needed.


Advocate Indrė Butvilė

Services to investors and companies

  • Advise regarding setting a business in Lithuania
  • Incorporation, reorganization and transformation of companies, incorporation of branch and representative offices, liquidation of companies
  • Advise and assistance when applying for licences
  • Drafting of internal documents of a company (statutes, decrees and decisions of various bodies of a company, etc.)
  • Drafting of business contracts, review of existing contracts, representation in business negotiations
  • Drafting of employment contracts and other labour documentation for a company
  • Legal advise and assistance in mergers and aquisitions (legal due diligence, structuring of deals, drafting of contracts, assistance in negotiations, etc.)
  • Liaison with banks and other credit institutions
  • Assistance in recovery of debts and compensation of damages
  • Legal representation at court (litigation and defence)

Services to people

  • Family law. Drafting of pre-nuptial and matrimonial agreements, agreements on dissolution of matrimony, representation of spouses at court in cases of dissolution of matrimony, etc.
  • Foreigners. Advise regarding the status of foreigners in the Republic of Lithuania, representation when applying for permits to reside and work in the Republic of Lithuania, etc.
  • Labour law. Advise and legal representation at court in employment related cases.
  • Property matters. Advise and legal representation at court in real estate and other property related cases.
  • Litigation. Drafting of various litigation documents in civil and administrative cases. Representation at court hearings.

Contact info

  • Naujojo Sodo g. 1 -239, LT-92118 Klaipėda, Lietuva

  • El.paštas:
  • Telefonas: +370 46 251 409
  • Faksas: +370 46 251 409
  • Mob. tel.: +370 610 370 44